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Learn About The Revolutionary Teeth Straightening System

Braces are an effective teeth straightening system that slowly move teeth together with continuous pressure. This pressure causes the bone to change shape, aligning your teeth into a straight white smile. In general, most patients have their braces between 18 to 24 months with some noticing straighter teeth in as little as four weeks.

The Visual Elements of Braces

  • Brackets:  

    • These metal brackets are attached to the front or sides of each tooth. They hold the archwire that connects all the brackets together and help give braces their unique look.

  • Archwire:  

    • Each upper and lower set of teeth contain an archwire.  It’s the main instrument to help correct alignment irregularities. Made of stainless steel, the archwire provides strength and flexibility.

  • Bands:  

    • Not used in all patients, bands are stainless steel, clear, or tooth-colored and cemented to the teeth. They provide an anchor for the brackets noted above.

  • Elastics:  

    • These rubber rings attach to bracket hooks and stretch from the upper and lower teeth. They apply pressure to move the upper teeth to form a perfect bite with the lower teeth.

  • Ties: 

    • Small rubber rings that connect the arch wire to the brackets, they can be clear, metal, or colored.

Side Effects of Braces

Consistent pressure on the teeth will cause side effects like discomfort and pain. 


 The best solutions all involve taking care of your braces by cleaning them regularly and eating soft foods. Many patients drink cold water to relieve immediate discomfort.

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